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No more grounded for cool, awesome, smart, sexy,.....perfect, michael anymore

Yay! today=grounded is over. well it would be tomorrow but its close enough. Im not sure when i get car back, but now i can do things. its going to rock....i think from now on im going to not be grounded becuase i have decided that not being grounded is funner (or would it be more fun?) than grounded.

Sometime this weekend a new personal record shall be broken. dugan b-rad adam and myself are going to kill a half-gallon(handle) of something....not sure of what yet either mr.b or capt. morgen. everyone is down with it too. AND none of us are giving up until its gone.....i think it'll be pretty easy becuase dugans in on it. some of us may not be able to remember most of the night, but we will know what we did in the morning which is the greatest gift of all...we might get one extra person in on lucky person in on it...but probably not....there is 60 ounces in it, so that is 15 shots per person, i know i could take it out....probably throw it back up, but take it out none the less (thats a good mental throwing up all over the place)but its going to go down

Im ready to see that dugan/erin drink off. Sorry, but if i was a betting man i would have to go with dugan...wiskey or not.... ive done it on numerous occasions with him, and he is the best ive seen. but i havent seen erin drink so who knows.

south park is better than simpsons....everyone knows that...DUH
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