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Everything is impossible when your bored......

Another monday night, i hate mondays.......tuesday rock and all, but god i hate monday.....i think its the whole get up at 7:30 to go to school to sit there for another exciting eight hours of a persons "golden years". im so bored...i hate school nights

Im hungry and i think for some reason we have cake downstairs.....but thats all the way downstairs... is there anyone in the world that likes stairs.. someone should make it illegal to have stairs in a home, just make a incline plane.....incline planes rock so much more than stairs, with stairs i always feel rushed, with incline planes everything is all good.....nice, slow, and relaxed.....those are always the best.

Today i discovered that i say like entirely way to much, not so much while im talking, but when im typing, im like a sterotypical southern california teenage sucks. Man now i really want some cake....ill go check and see if i have some...that would really be good.

YUP! there was... its good, i went to pour a glass of milk with it and relized the milk is outside in the "good refrigarator", so that means i would have to turn off the alarm system,wake up momma, and tell her i want some milk (milch in german....german sucks....ditto with french), so i just went the lazy way out and got water....mmmmm water and cake, go together like peas and carrots

i loooooove cake, alright well my fingers are tired and i want to watch some pointless tevelvison, so ill talk to you guys later.....bye bye
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