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MAN......Michael you rock so much
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Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in containdiabete's LiveJournal:

Sunday, May 16th, 2004
12:54 am
hoooooooooollllllllllyyyyyyy ccccrrrrrrrrraaaaaaappppppppppppp!!!!!!! muse is going on a tour with the cure and the rapture and interpol and they are coming to the fabulous ATL july 31!!!!!! oh man its going to rock so much!! so pumped

i rock!
Sunday, April 25th, 2004
11:04 am
'fess up
okay... i know that people always hang out and read journals...but i really want to know who reads mine... so if your reading this no matter who you are, you MUST sign it...or somehow ill figure out who has been here and if they didnt sign i shall hunt him/her and punch them....probably in the face...so you better sign it, or else

come back....please

Current Mood: content
Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
6:52 pm
crazy concerts for big mike
oh man..first off, i have a ticket to the muse concert at the cotton club (whenever they make it back)..me and b-rad were supposed to go to it but then we had to go on a freaking boat for a cruise www.muse.mu (watch out though because it is the most addicting website ever because you can listen to all their music without download...you just have to click...rocks)..but now i get a ticket and get to enjoy one of the greatest bands of our time....then lollapoolza (no idea if thats right) with modest mouse, the flaming lips, and sonic youth, and morissey....oh man.....then im not to sure if i can still get tickets to any of these..but the pixies concert at fox theathre in october....i think it may be sold out already though....oh god its going to rock....who else plans on going to any of these concerts?

god finally likes me again...like the past week has been so awesome for different reasons, but i havent gotten in trouble for like a week...(new record)...im starting to see the fun in life again... i like you so much

ive been giving it some thought....and i think i may have finally found my top 5 favorite movies......1 pulp fiction (duh)..2 fight club...3 being john malkovich...4 rushmore..5 reservoir dogs and/or kill bills..................who agrees???

man i use a lot of .......s

Current Mood: productive
Monday, April 5th, 2004
10:15 pm
on a freaking boat
heute ist montag...... b-rad and i are currently in the middle of the ocean on a freaking boat..... tomorrow we shall visit a island called st thomas.....it is here in which i shall purchase a post card in which i shall send to the dugan residents as promised. samstag (saturday) we shall return... we have been listening to the new modest mouse cd for about 2 days straight....suckas....its so so so so so so good....


i miiiiissss you..........sunday shall rock big time........b-rad said "sup?"
Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
12:00 am
Everything is impossible when your bored......
Another monday night, i hate mondays.......tuesday rock and all, but god i hate monday.....i think its the whole get up at 7:30 to go to school to sit there for another exciting eight hours of a persons "golden years". im so bored...i hate school nights

Im hungry and i think for some reason we have cake downstairs.....but thats all the way downstairs... is there anyone in the world that likes stairs.. someone should make it illegal to have stairs in a home, just make a incline plane.....incline planes rock so much more than stairs, with stairs i always feel rushed, with incline planes everything is all good.....nice, slow, and relaxed.....those are always the best.

Today i discovered that i say like entirely way to much, not so much while im talking, but when im typing, im like a sterotypical southern california teenage girl..it sucks. Man now i really want some cake....ill go check and see if i have some...that would really be good.

YUP! there was... its good, i went to pour a glass of milk with it and relized the milk is outside in the "good refrigarator", so that means i would have to turn off the alarm system,wake up momma, and tell her i want some milk (milch in german....german sucks....ditto with french), so i just went the lazy way out and got water....mmmmm water and cake, go together like peas and carrots

i loooooove cake, alright well my fingers are tired and i want to watch some pointless tevelvison, so ill talk to you guys later.....bye bye
Sunday, March 21st, 2004
10:39 pm
No more grounded for cool, awesome, smart, sexy,.....perfect, michael anymore
Yay! today=grounded is over. well it would be tomorrow but its close enough. Im not sure when i get car back, but now i can do things. its going to rock....i think from now on im going to not be grounded becuase i have decided that not being grounded is funner (or would it be more fun?) than grounded.

Sometime this weekend a new personal record shall be broken. dugan b-rad adam and myself are going to kill a half-gallon(handle) of something....not sure of what yet either mr.b or capt. morgen. everyone is down with it too. AND none of us are giving up until its gone.....i think it'll be pretty easy becuase dugans in on it. some of us may not be able to remember most of the night, but we will know what we did in the morning which is the greatest gift of all...we might get one extra person in on it.....one lucky person in on it...but probably not....there is 60 ounces in it, so that is 15 shots per person, i know i could take it out....probably throw it back up, but take it out none the less (thats a good mental picture...me throwing up all over the place)but its going to go down

Im ready to see that dugan/erin drink off. Sorry, but if i was a betting man i would have to go with dugan...wiskey or not.... ive done it on numerous occasions with him, and he is the best ive seen. but i havent seen erin drink so who knows.

south park is better than simpsons....everyone knows that...DUH

Current Mood: energetic
Saturday, March 20th, 2004
5:58 pm
"I was in heaven, I was in hell, believe in neither, but fear of them as well."
Today is day two of grounded weekend. Last night wasnt all that bad due to i just drove to random places is search of something to do, accompanied by dugan. I ended up taking him back to b-rad at about 9ish. Today got up at 1 ate lunch, and havent done anything the whole day. Its really hard to be productive while your grounded. But tonight i may get to do something which would rock......as always.

Man i cant wait to go to church tomorrow (extremely sarcastic) i hate church, i hate everything about church. on another subject, i really hate people that will like something just becuase other people like it, when he/she barley even knows what it is. someone who likes something just to have another fake thing in common with someone else.........i think most people catch my drift on that one.

i got a question for anyone who reads this......what is better simpsons, OR SOUTH PARK!!!!!, give honest answer because i want to see what everyone elses thoughts upon the subject are, personally i think south park is, but there are people who beg to differ

monday, tuesday, and wednesday is iss for me, man i cant wait, but when i think about it, it wont be all that bad becuase its that graduation testing, so that means on monday and wensday i wont have to listen to the stupid german teacher voice for 2 and a half hours.......even though german blows french out of the water. but still im going to have to sit in a chair for 8 hours not being able to say a single word.......ill just ask to go to the clinic and just hang out in there as always whenever im bored at school.

well gotta find something to do.........bye bye

Current Mood: giggly
Thursday, March 18th, 2004
11:09 pm
A contrast between Heaven and Hell.
For the pervious few days life has had it out for me. Last Thursday i got caught "skipping" math, friday my cell phone was taken up by the same crappy math teacher, BUT i got my license friday.....which rocks, saturday parent found out about a lie i kinda told, sunday rocked, monday got in trouble for something and im sure it sucked, but i forgot it, tuesday got caught driving dugan around resulting in license becoming taken away for an undisclosed time period and had another administrative detention, wendesday rocked becuase chelsea broke dugans cell phone (....so funny), and today i found out i have 3 days of iss to look forward to the next few days, with another administrative detention. BUT on another note the past couple of days have rocked so much for certain reasons. So this weekend im grounded.....again, but cool/crazy brother is coming down. or technically it would be up, but anyways.

I think god hates me, for the current time being............right? but it sucks because he only hates me. Maybe i should try and pay attention in crappy church, but i hate it, or maybe see mel gibbson jesus movie. i hate all of that, being forced to go/do something you hate. Boy howdy though if i talk about it around mommma, or step-mother who has taken the ultimate profession of becoming a christain clown. but i guess whatever she thinks makes her happy.

family guy is on and journal thing is confusing........happy chelsea i made one now........bye bye

Current Mood: cheerful
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