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"I was in heaven, I was in hell, believe in neither, but fear of them as well."

Today is day two of grounded weekend. Last night wasnt all that bad due to i just drove to random places is search of something to do, accompanied by dugan. I ended up taking him back to b-rad at about 9ish. Today got up at 1 ate lunch, and havent done anything the whole day. Its really hard to be productive while your grounded. But tonight i may get to do something which would always.

Man i cant wait to go to church tomorrow (extremely sarcastic) i hate church, i hate everything about church. on another subject, i really hate people that will like something just becuase other people like it, when he/she barley even knows what it is. someone who likes something just to have another fake thing in common with someone else.........i think most people catch my drift on that one.

i got a question for anyone who reads this......what is better simpsons, OR SOUTH PARK!!!!!, give honest answer because i want to see what everyone elses thoughts upon the subject are, personally i think south park is, but there are people who beg to differ

monday, tuesday, and wednesday is iss for me, man i cant wait, but when i think about it, it wont be all that bad becuase its that graduation testing, so that means on monday and wensday i wont have to listen to the stupid german teacher voice for 2 and a half hours.......even though german blows french out of the water. but still im going to have to sit in a chair for 8 hours not being able to say a single word.......ill just ask to go to the clinic and just hang out in there as always whenever im bored at school.

well gotta find something to do.........bye bye
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alright....2 things that need to be corrected...
1) simpsons rock way more than southpark. who came first? who taught southpark what it knows? who is way more awesome? simpsons.
2) french kicks german's ass.

hope you have fun monday, tuesday, and wednesday. you should..uh...come to b lunch if at all possible.

MICHAELLLLL....get ungrounded
haha, well chelsea everyone (exept you)knows south park is better...........i mean its kinda like common sense, but you may be right about german being worse than french, everything is better than is hell on earth, but french still sucks.haha ill try to come to b lunch but im not promising anything....its kinda the reason i have iss, but its from a different maybe

okay i wont be grounded anymore, execpt for tomorrow, well i guess that would be know what i mean
its true that the simpsons blow south park out of the water and that south park sucks and what not, but what is false is that french kicks germans ass cause in world war 2 the germans invaded and conquered france so thats wrong and everyone knows that spanish is like 4 fold better than every language in the universe, minus english....
some one needs to wise up and force every country around the world to learn english, and whoever doesnt shall be killed....this may seem a bit harsh, but it must happen.......we need a leader, someone who is afraid of anything, someone that will not be afraid to kill just so we wont have to go trough the trouble of learning a language......if we are the worlds most awesomest country....lets show it..............dugan you got my vote on being the leader of have never cared about anything or anyone in your life, so your the perfect man for the job....congo rats.......................south park is better, duh