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A contrast between Heaven and Hell.

For the pervious few days life has had it out for me. Last Thursday i got caught "skipping" math, friday my cell phone was taken up by the same crappy math teacher, BUT i got my license friday.....which rocks, saturday parent found out about a lie i kinda told, sunday rocked, monday got in trouble for something and im sure it sucked, but i forgot it, tuesday got caught driving dugan around resulting in license becoming taken away for an undisclosed time period and had another administrative detention, wendesday rocked becuase chelsea broke dugans cell phone ( funny), and today i found out i have 3 days of iss to look forward to the next few days, with another administrative detention. BUT on another note the past couple of days have rocked so much for certain reasons. So this weekend im grounded.....again, but cool/crazy brother is coming down. or technically it would be up, but anyways.

I think god hates me, for the current time being............right? but it sucks because he only hates me. Maybe i should try and pay attention in crappy church, but i hate it, or maybe see mel gibbson jesus movie. i hate all of that, being forced to go/do something you hate. Boy howdy though if i talk about it around mommma, or step-mother who has taken the ultimate profession of becoming a christain clown. but i guess whatever she thinks makes her happy.

family guy is on and journal thing is confusing........happy chelsea i made one now........bye bye
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