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crazy concerts for big mike

oh man..first off, i have a ticket to the muse concert at the cotton club (whenever they make it back) and b-rad were supposed to go to it but then we had to go on a freaking boat for a cruise (watch out though because it is the most addicting website ever because you can listen to all their music without just have to now i get a ticket and get to enjoy one of the greatest bands of our time....then lollapoolza (no idea if thats right) with modest mouse, the flaming lips, and sonic youth, and morissey....oh man.....then im not to sure if i can still get tickets to any of these..but the pixies concert at fox theathre in october....i think it may be sold out already though....oh god its going to rock....who else plans on going to any of these concerts?

god finally likes me the past week has been so awesome for different reasons, but i havent gotten in trouble for like a week...(new record) starting to see the fun in life again... i like you so much

ive been giving it some thought....and i think i may have finally found my top 5 favorite movies......1 pulp fiction (duh)..2 fight club...3 being john malkovich...4 rushmore..5 reservoir dogs and/or kill bills..................who agrees???

man i use a lot of .......s
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